Thursday, December 14, 2006

finish line

Learning 2.0 has been a very educational adventure. (A little long perhaps, but educational.) I have been introduced to online tools that I never knew nor understood. At least now it's not all geek speak to me.

Favorite exercises:

I think the blog format was a great concept for log-keeping. Plus it was fun designing the page graphics. I'm considering creating a new, private blog for my own book summaries. I've kept computer notes on nonfiction titles for years. This would be so much easier and "friendlier" looking than plain MSWord docs.

Podcasting grabbed my interest immediately. Within seconds I found several sites that I can download old radio shows for free. ("Free" is a nice four-letter-word.) If Santa brings me the MP3 player I'm wishing for, then I'll beeline to Yahoo's podcast directory by New Year's.

I was somewhat familiar with the wiki concept before completing 2.0. In fact, Sunday Morning on CBS did a nice segment on competing online encyclopedias and wikipedia just last week. I did bookmark one particular wiki for/by librarians. Intending to revisit and root around for teen programming ideas.

Having varied interests and little free time (There's that "free" word again.), Bloglines has definite appeal. RSS feeds would allow me to narrow my topic selections to specifics like Roman archaeology, old radio shows, science news, etc. And Bloglines allows me to sort the links by topic, which makes it easier to navigate.

In conclusion, Learning 2.0 was a good experience. Sort of a crash course for the online ignorant. Like probably everyone else who made it to the end, I'll keep my notes. You never know where you might want to go tomorrow...


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